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分類: 特殊安裝軌系列(4)  發布時間: 2013-03-29 22:08 

商品名稱: 弧形槽道PG5234MI-H
商品編號: 弧形槽道PG5234MI-H



Installation rails (also known as channel and Hafen groove) are installation and fastening parts applied in such fields as bridges and tunnels, railway vehicles and modern high-rise buildings, and they can be used by matching with special bolts to realize fastening connection of connection and installation parts and components at any position in the length direction.

The installation rails produced by our company with advanced technology can wholly replace the imported ones and be used in all related application fields due to its accurate overall dimensions, excellent mechanical performances and complete varieties and specifications. The series of products are of special specifications, and equipped with such items as forge welded anchor bolt, welded anchor foot and installation flange, and they possess such distinctive appearances as straight, arc, single row and double rows. They are mainly used as basic parts for concrete embedded type installation and connection in such fields as nuclear power plant applications, tunnels and modern high-rise buildings.